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About Me

Born and raised in San Diego, CA I graduated San Diego State University with a BA in Multimedia with the intention of becoming a Storyboard Artist. So, naturally, I began my professional career as a sock designer (shout out to SockGuy).


Sadly, cost of living rose too high and I needed to work elsewhere for the time being. Even so my love for creativity never left and I have worked with countless people creating:


Character Design | Graphic Design for Screen Prints | Designs/Decor for Events | Logos | Magazine Layouts | Newsletters for Non-Profit Organizations | Various Media Collabs

Just to name a few incredible opportunities.


Since my original goal was always to bring stories to life so I am determined to  see how far my creativity can go. Until then, my current goal is to become more active in the art scene through participating in events, creating more, and meeting more people. By doing so I hope to eventually make a profession out of bringing other's ideas to life.

Though trained in many mediums my strengths are pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylic and oil.

All digital work is done via the Adobe suite

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