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Current Theme

“Reckoning with Resilience”

“Reckoning with Resilience” serves as a poignant retelling of survivors’ experiences, aiming to spark new conversations around abuse. The dynamic subjects draw viewers in, provoke a pause, and prompt them to reflect on the profound effort required to embody true resilience. The titles of the artworks are intended to be literal “answers” to the pain, representing actions many professionals suggest for healing. The message is clear: one’s ability to cope should not be equated with an expectation to endure; you have to save yourself.

Currently, most focus solely on placating the aggressor without understanding the ensuing ramifications. Thus, the language and the ability to recognize injustice are lost on the masses, allowing the cycle to continue. My goal is to empower those experiencing abuse to question their treatment and spur well-meaning individuals into action instead of speculation. I hope to reframe “resilient” from a passive compliment to a stark acknowledgment of the daily mental exhaustion, self-harm, and struggles that define the survivor’s reality.

Because I am rejecting the glorification of suffering, I challenge the deceptive narrative perpetuated by aggressors: “Enduring abuse strengthens an individual.” True strength lies not in inflicting pain, nor does it come from enduring it, but in the courage to confront it, dismantle it, and break free from the cycle of torment. So instead of glorifying tolerance, I want to glorify the unseen, grueling work survivors undertake to heal themselves everyday (a journey most people belittle, if they know of it at all).

“Reckoning with Resilience” is a visual symphony of emotions, a testament of an ongoing battle, and a call to action to end the cycle of abuse. With each creation, I strive to inspire self-reflection and encourage viewers to see their own strength, reckon with their experiences, and recognize that the power to overcome adversity lies within. It is a statement of “I did not ask to be resilient- I deserved to be safe.” It is a reminder to not remain captive to the past, for redemption and healing are internal. Anyone can break free from the shadows and emerge, not as victims deserving of pity, but as warriors deserving honor.

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